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Coaching Services and Pricing

One to One Swim, Bike, Run and Conditioning sessions: 60 mins sessions which focus on technique development, fitness enhancement and/or testing.
Annual planning (macrocycle): designing a periodised training plan which accounts for training towards your individual goals, race programme, lifestyle and ensuring your fitness level peaks for you main race/s. Your annual training programme is broken down into more manageable parts; mesocycles: base, pre-competition, competition and recovery training and microcycles: weekly training prescription presented as daily training sessions.
Weekly coaching prescription: Daily training sessions sent to you in advance via email. These sessions will reflect the agreed criteria within the macrocycle.
Goal setting for training and racing: realistic and achievable goals are agreed through an individualised performance profile process designed to determine your aims, goals and specific short term objectives, moreover establishing a suitable pathway which will ensure the achievement of your aims, goals and objectives.
Fitness testing - swimming / cycling / running: Evaluating current and future training and racing performance through V02max and Maximum (swim bike run) Heart Rate testing.
Fast transitions: Mounting and dismounting your bike with shoes attached to the bike is a key skill to achieve fast and fluid transitions.
Technical analysis - including swim stroke technique, cycling position and pedalling efficiency and running biomechanics: identifying strengths and weaknesses prescribing drills to improve technical performance enhancing performance.
Sport Psychology - including intervention strategies: imagery use, optimal concentration and anxiety regulation: Developing psychological traits which enhance physical and mental performance in a competitive environment.
Nutrition: advice and prescription: Healthy eating optimal nutrition = optimal performance.
Wet suit fitting / Stroke improvement: Getting the best out of your wetsuit through the correct fitting will ensure you reduce drag and maximise your stroke efficiency in open water.
Strength and conditioning prescription and advice, including injury prevention strategies: A strong and stable core is key to any conditioning programme and will help you increased strength, power and muscular endurance as well as improved motor skills and reduce your risk of injury.

Pricing Options

Complete Training Option: annual planning; goal setting; weekly individual coaching prescription and email or phone contact; fitness testing; and/or nutritional / psychological / strength and conditioning advice. 70 per calendar month. Apply now >

One to One Training Option: 1 hour session which focuses on one discipline: swim / bike / run / strength and conditioning. Aim to develop technique, fitness or strength. 50 per session. Apply now >

Bespoke Training Option: A training programme designed according to your exceptional or specific needs and requirements. For example, training focused on building and improving on a specific weakness. Price to be agreed according to training prescription requirements. Apply now >


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